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Nov 15 15 7:19 PM

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Pretty fun little basketball game last night.  Always nice to start the season with a win, especially against another DI school.  

This is a much different team from last year, and while missing our tallest player for the night (Brandon Williams), UTA displayed a significant increase in height and length across the board ... 

Is Williams injured?  Redshirting?

For significant chunks of the game we featured a lineup that had 4 players 6'7 or taller ... what made that feat even more impressive was the ball movement did not suffer at all (I did notice a few instances where the lack of Neal or Charles in the game gave us the lack of a true point guard, which Nathan Hawkins was tasked at being)

Erick Neal - was the primary ball handler for most of the game ... made smart plays with the ball and was solid on D
Drew Charles - was not much of an impact, but really stepped up on the last offensive play by Fordham to force a difficult shot ... hit a big 3, had a rough time at the charity stripe
Jalen Jones - just a bull in a china shop ... might of been the strongest guy on the court ... tough on the boards
Kevin Hervey - really effective in the 1st half offensively ... had a few miscues ballhandling and on defense, also appeared to be battling cramping for a good chunk of the game
Jorge Bilbao - a normal Jorge game ... tough defense, strong rebounding ... very emotional

Kaelon Wilson - huge rebound to seal the game, allowing Neal to ice it with free throws
Nathan Hawkins - another lean and long player, felt to me like he was being miscast as the primary ball handler for the second unit
Faith Pope - another lean and long player, got a few HUGE tipins and 3 point shots ... a very quick shot, but very little arc ... was suprised some of those outside shots cleared the rim, but hey they went in
NIck Pallas - big boddied, deft passer ... had a couple of nice plays
Kennedy Eubanks - left the game at one point with what appeared to be a fairly serious injury ... but came back ... yet ANOTHER long and lean player ... 

Nice crowd, which filled about all of the lower bowl ... a really nice game, but it was suprising how quickly Fordham got back in after being down fairly consistently by double digits.  

Buddy Christ Says: Go Mavs !!!

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Nov 16 15 2:19 PM

Great write up, thanks.  I was actually surprised to see the Mavs play well in the opening game.  It's good to see that we can use our length and size effectively.  Just clamp down on D, and I think we have a really great squad.

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