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Apr 18 15 12:27 AM

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So the UTA men's tennis team finished the year earning the second seed in the Sun Belt. At one point, they were on the ITA national team rankings (and still may be, I don't know). There are seven teams competing in the conference, though Georgia State is facing penalties, so six teams are competing at the conference tournament and UTA was ahead of all but one. So let's look at the all-conference awards.

Player of the Year

Daniel Leitner (South Alabama)Freshman of the Year
Scott Webster (Appalachian State)Sun Belt All-Conference Singles First Team
Ristomatti Lanne (Georgia Southern)
Jannis Koeke (Georgia State)
Daniel Leitner (South Alabama)
Tim Srkala (South Alabama)
Gabriel Dias (Troy)
Hassan Ndayishimye (Troy)Sun Belt All-Conference Doubles First Team
Gerhard Gruindelingh/Daniel Leitner (South Alabama)
Damian Farinola/Edgar Lopez (UL Lafayette)
Coleman Wahlborg/Jarred Wynan (UL Lafayette)Sun Belt All-Conference Singles Second Team
  1. Olivier Casey (Appalachian State)
  2. Albert Codina Sala (Georgia Southern)
  3. Andy Lau (Troy)
  4. Tuki Jacobs (South Alabama)
  5. Giovani Samaha (Troy)
  6. Mario Muniesa (UT Arlington)
Sun Belt All-Conference Doubles Second Team
  1. Andy Lau/Pablo Moreno (Troy)
  2. Jack Maddocks/Scott Webster (Appalachian State)
  3. Olivier Casey/Trey Morris (Appalachian State)
  4. How in the heck does that happen?

  5. 1) Troy - 5 selections

  6. 2) UTA - 1

  7. 3) USA - 4

  8. 4) Georgia Southern - 2

  9. 5) ULL - 2

  10. 6) App - 3

  11. unseeded) Georgia St - 1

  12. I have never seen that in any sport where a second place team had the least amount of all-conference selections. The conference is basically saying UTA's sixth best tennis player is the only player in his slot to be in the top two among the conference. If that is true, shouldn't we had landed the coach of the year?
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