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Apr 13 15 12:32 PM

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News to me.  What does this mean for UTA athletics as a whole? 
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Apr 14 15 8:09 AM

Good stuff ... either it is a first domino to a bigger move or an addition of a team that should be very successful at UTA ... either way a good thing

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Apr 15 15 1:11 PM

Duck wrote:
Will many of us be alive when we get football? UTPB is starting up now.

Can't compare their situation to ours. For better or worse, we are DI. Unless we go the Pioneer football league route of no scholarships and play FCS, we'll have 63 or most likely 85 compared to 36. They play in Odessa, with no teams above high school and no other Universities within 100 miles.

We have to make sure our dominoes are all in a row. I'd go slow and make sure we do it right then rush it like we did going to the highest level and mess it up, which caused support to plummet and ultimately disband the program.

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