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Feb 23 12 7:05 AM

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So upon going to their website, the first item in the "rotator" is about UTA, with an overlay of a play button on the picture.

Instead of a video highlight of them clinching a share of the regular season title/no. 1 seed, they have a highlight of TxSt vs. SELA from last night.

What a joke.
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Feb 25 12 8:43 AM

Re: Here's how terrible the SLC is...

yeah, same here ... and it is not like we could say it is a slight against us because of the WAC move ... they showed Texas State highlights ... so it is just a case of someone not doing their job right, and probably at least one other person who is supposed to QA that work ...

A low level conference, has low quality of work

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Feb 25 12 2:53 PM

Re: Here's how terrible the SLC is...

I think you guys may be going a little harsh. It is a simple mistake, a wrong link. I have made that mistake on my own blog before. I have also seen the Big 12 make mistakes before too. We all do it.

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