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UTA Rebel

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Jan 26 14 11:27 PM

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Okay, you want me to comment....

A long, long time ago when the whole city of Arlington was fired up for the UTA Rebels - then was a chance for the Football program - then, when the Rebels roared across the field, and the Arkansas State Rebels fought back.

Then, at half time, I was there. as the young lady from Mansfield. Texas, rode her steed across the football field at halftime, the Last Rebel Flag falling, and being rescued - at the last moment - as she caught it before it touched the ground, and the UTA Rebel Band roared "Dixie" as both sides of the field stood as one.

Then, was the time, when you had a football team, and a public behind it.

But you lost it.

I was there. and I saw you lose it.

Shame on you, and what you did to this spirit - shame on you,

Later to become Pro Football player, Jimmy Thomas. UTA proud Black Rebel, had a single word for you then - when the Rebels won the ballots that final day - "GOOD!" - when he asked me the outcome.

I was there that day, and the four years before, and I saw all of this. and I know what you did was wrong, and I will never forgive you - UTA Rebel .
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Jan 27 14 6:46 AM

Re: UTA lost its chance for Football

You gotta play the hand that is dealt to you. While it tremendously pleases me that you have found memories of what I assume is your Alma Mater from the '60's, its relevance to today doesn't mean much.

I understand that the mascot controversy was huge, probably more than anyone else that didn't live through it, that had little to do with the programs demise. Moving up to the equivalent of DI and staying on a DII budget, moving off campus into a soon-to-be pro baseball stadium, playing a damn hard schedule (with that still shoestring budget) and becoming a commuter school all had more to do with it than the mascot change. Had none of that happened but the mascot change, football would still be around.

Nedderman could have justified a losing expense if the students showed up. Just about everything he did was with the students in mind. When the student section was continually empty and the program was losing money, the writing was on the wall. I can guarantee you student in 1983 didn't stay away from the football program because they were teed off about the mascot change when they were infants.

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Jan 27 14 9:20 AM

Re: UTA lost its chance for Football

[quote]and I know what you did was wrong, and I will never forgive you - UTA Rebel .
Rebel, I was there and understand your pain, but am not sure who the "you" is you are referring to. The handfull of posters on this site are real fans of UTA, and I doubt any of them would have been on the "hater" side of the controversy. Frankly, having been there, it seemed to me that the anti-Rebels were the same people that were the pot smoking, bug infested clown dressing anti-war hippies. (I apologize if I am describing any of the current posters' parents.) The hippies were against anything establishment, which at the time included nostalgia for the Confederacy. Nevermind that Arlington was a town named in honor of Robert E. Lee.

Let it go for now. Arkansas State is not allowed to be "Indians," and we are not allowed to be "Rebels" in the current PC culture. It's idiotic and stupid, but ultimately truth will win out and future generations will look back on these controversies with bemused curiosity. Just remember that the Maverick family was a serious bunch of rebels!

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Dec 17 14 1:13 PM

It was just as bad to move from a consistently sold out Memorial Stadium to Turnpike Stadium. That move and the mascot change were a double whammy.

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